Starting a dayhome in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat or any other Alberta community?

alberta daycare alternatives
alberta childcare alternatives
Do you live in Alberta?
Are you frustrated by your search for childcare?
                           You are not alone!
Finding quality childcare in Alberta is challenging. Across Alberta, a shortage of skilled childcare workers and childcare spaces means long waiting lists are common. Then, if you do find a suitable childcare centre, fees of up to $800 per month shrink away your paycheque.

It's a very hard decision to hand over your child to the care of an hourly employee in a daycare. Are you ready to let someone else raise your child as you go off to work? The choice you make regarding childcare is one that you and your child will have to live with for the rest of your lives.

If you had the opportunity to stay at home and take full responsibility for raising you own child as well as have the ability to contribute significant income for your family would you take it?

Consider the options...
Option #1

Start your own Dayhome
Stay at home with your child, start a dayhome and bring in other children to provide needed income. You can care for up to 6 children (including your own) and earn a gross income of $3000 per month! Or more!

Option #2
Find a Daycare or Dayhome provider
You work full time or part time to provide income while paying for childcare. Someone else raises your child while you spend all day working and your take-home pay is reduced by the cost of the childcare.

Option #3
Stay-at-home mom
This is the ideal alternative if money is no object. For the rest of us this is impossible without contributing some needed income for the family.

Who is influencing your child?
Between the ages 1 and 6 your child forms behaviors and attitudes that will guide then through life. It is up to you to take control of the extremely important early development years for your child.

Are you ready to leave the bulk of this work to a hourly employee working in a daycare?

Starting a dayhome allows you to take control of your child's activities and early growth. As a bonus, your child will also learn valuable social skills as they learn, grow, and interact with the children you take in.

You can ensure an enriched, safe, and secure place for your child as well as provide a significant income from your dayhome. Take control! Stop saying goodbye to your kids. Instead, say goodbye to your boss!


Starting a Dayhome?
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alberta childcare alternatives
alberta daycare alternatives

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